VERBS: Sew, Water, Grow, Harvest

I met this girl, Aem, almost 18 years ago in Nong Khai, where we helped plant a church along with our Thai friends, Manit and Deng, and our Canadian friends, Sam and Noella Winsor. Aem has been studying the Bible here in Bangkok now. I never knew, until now, that she was one of the kids that sudied English with us way back then. She never did become a Christian then. But a seed is eternal and has the powerful ability to grow.

We’ve had many partners with us over the last 20 years. This is a thank-you to our faithful friends, team-mates and supporters from all over the world; to all the churches, womens’ groups, youth groups and Sunday School classes as well as specific individuals.

You may never have come to Thailand yourself, but your offerings and prayers have come here!

Now enjoy this story of the Harvest.