The Edge of Glory

Pretty well everyone on the planet now has heard the oft sung words, “I am on the edge of glory.” Personally Lady Gaga’s lyrics to Edge of Glory leave me annoyed with its repetitive ‘the edge’ lyrics and her lusty connotations of that dark edge of titillation.

For me the words were stolen away from the proper context of true beauty and awe. Glory is first and foremost divine. Never will the words ‘edge of glory’ be about a fleeting one-night-stand of bodies in pleasure, but an invitation to experience the mystery and the meaning of your life and to find in the process the discovery of the divine.

The most difficult part of walking on the threshold of glory is that it may feel a little unfamiliar and a tad dangerous. We are programmed to believe that the divine is nebulous and unknowable. We are told that there is a boundary that needs to be respected, maybe even ignored. Only crazy people go there. Yet we can’t get away with the dumbing down of our existence to mere eating and sleeping. Those inner longings to experience something more than the edges of a borderland existence are real.

What do we do when we get stuck at the wrong side of the edge of glory? What do you do when you can’t get push past the boundaries of fear that are calling for a leap into the glory? No doubt we’ve all known those moments when the doors to promise slam shut leaving us feeling like we’ll never get there, past the edge and into the glory of living out our lives in the company of the divine.Image

So faith may be called upon to jump-start our personal leap into desire of glory. Picture yourself running and then leaping out over the edge with a shriek of hope into the mysterious glory and letting your feet land where they will. That sounds risky! It seems to me that faith and desire are intricately linked to push us into the mystery of our destiny. The glory we hope for today is not way over there in the distant yonder, but is here and now in the opening of our true self to the divine gift of a weighty presence that will fill us with wonder. Is that a leap worth taking? I think you might have already stepped a little closer.