Diamonds Are God’s Best Friends!

While growing up, one my daughter’s favorite bedtime songs was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. It was my nightly duty not just to sing it but animate it to little Amanda. The melody apparently was composed by a three year old named Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Unbelievably this little genius composed his first symphony when he was just twelve. Though he has been gone what seems like forever, most would agree that he is still the most played classical composer of all times. Yet despite all of his crazy talent, he died at the young age of 35, impoverished and with few friends surrounding him.

There was an Academy Award winning movie in the 1980’s called Amadeus telling parts of his life story and which also depicted his incredible musical genius. The movie showed that he could hear a whole symphony in his head and write it out without making one scratch or scribble of corrections! Of course every good story needs a villain and there was a deeply flawed character in the movie that literally stole the show.  He was also a composer, albeit mediocre, and a devout Catholic, named Salieri, who tells the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to a young priest in his own terms. From the opening scene we quickly see the jealousy of Mozart’s gift that burned in Salieri and according to his own confession this deep jealousy led to his eventual poisoning of Mozart.

For me the most powerful scene is when Salieri, after witnessing firsthand the genius of

Salieri looks down upon Mozart

Mozart, and knowing how uncouth and lewd this young man was, going to his private chambers and angrily taking down the crucifix only to throw it in the fire. He rages at God, “How could you choose for your instrument a boastful, lustful, smutty, infantile boy? Because you Are unjust…unfair…unkind! I will block you. I swear it. I will hinder and harm your creature on earth as far as I am able. I will ruin your incarnation.” The movie depicts this jealousy and in the end his self-destruction so very well.

I would like to suggest today that this narrative repeats itself constantly in the world. In fact, it could be said that it is the story of you and the story of me. We too have an archenemy so resentful of the beauty of creation’s God-image that you and I bear. Seeing our incredible potential to reflect that image to others drives him to rage. According to God’s book, he is sworn to hinder, harm and as far as he is able, to destroy that image, no matter what it takes. (I’d say he has had quite a success record so far, wouldn’t you?)

So my written short word to you is, “Simply be aware, be on guard of the malevolent designs that this enemy of humanity, called Satan, has towards us all.” He is indeed jealous and resentful of the attention and favor God has for us. Don’t get sucked in by the deceit of his dark lies that say we are pointless and insignificant. Perhaps today you personally feel the heat of his hatred in a real way. My encouragement would be, in the tension of your own circumstances, let the original image of a beautiful God shine brightly in you like a diamond reflecting light.

I have sometimes had the tendency to diminish my own beauty and over-think my own shortcomings. Looking back I see those inner battle moments frozen, agonizing with my own insecurity  and wrestling with discouragement over my perceived inabilities to shine. When negative words and outcomes consistently occur in and around our lives, the spirit of ‘giving up’ can easily invade our inner being, including our spiritual life, and cause us to lose our fight. The Lord has quietly been telling me, “Peter, there are dark spiritual forces at work, doing their best to bring you down like a falling star; you need to keep up your flight, don’t fade out of this moment!”

Dear reader, how many of you have been in that place, and maybe you are there now, where you really wanted to walk away from it all? You almost believe that lie that says, “No one cares and probably God isn’t all that concerned either!” There are a lot of people that care. And, I am telling you, no one cares more deeply than your heavenly Father. Yes, He is ‘up above the world so high’, but He is also right there in your need. And I hope that you will even sense the truth of those words now as we carry on this conversation.

God’s friends Shining Bright

Hey, today is a little reminder for you that there is a spiritual assault on all of our hearts by a fierce foe who doesn’t want us to twinkle the image of the good God of light! Seriously, he, the one called Satan, wants all the attention. The fact is you and I are the reflection of our Father’s eye and you and I, His friends in His universe, shine bright and glorious like diamonds in the sky.