One more, Give me One More!

I am not a movie buff, but when there’s a good movie I want to see it. So a few nights ago my wife and I watched a movie recommended to me, Mel Gibson’s movie “Hacksaw Ridge” Like most modern war movies the carnage of war is portrayed realistically. There is a lot of blood and intestines, death and wounded soldiers. There was a memorable scene when the untried young men had to climb ropes up a formidable rock cliff to attack the well dug in and waiting enemy (Japanese). You could feel the fear in the young men as they ascended knowing well the battle awaited and survival would be more of a miracle than a given!
The heroism of one man, Desmond Doss, is unforgettable. Because of his family hardships as a child so well portrayed in the first fifteen minutes of the movie and his Adventist religion, he vowed to never touch a gun. When he enlisted and declared his conviction to not kill another human, he payed dearly for it. His mates and commanders mocked and socked him! Against all odds he avoided court-marshall for insubordination.
hacksawThen came the day when the freshly trained platoon had to go to Japan and fight. He was now a bonafide medic, the favourite target of enemy snipers. When night fell after that first day of carnage, the Americans came under attack again at dawn and had to retreat off the ridge down the cliffs. Doss would not leave. He was overcome with compassion for all the wounded left to die on the ridge. Where that courage came from, I don’t know, but it kept him from fleeing. “One more life,” he kept muttering. Those were the unforgettable words of a praying man as he went into the dark to find comrades too seriously wounded to help themselves. He even saved a few Japanese soldiers!
His passion is not easily forgotten by the viewer.  “Let me save one more life, please Lord,” he pleaded. And save he did… over and over and over. Miraculous. I cannot remember the exact amount he rescued at the risk of his life, but it was so many that the whole platoon previously antagonistic towards him, put him equal to angelic status! Before going out to do battle again the next day they practically begged Doss to pray first. “We are not going without Doss! No way!”
Films like this are so poignant and need to be viewed. The world today is a ridiculously dangerous place, full of tragedy, it is selfish and me-centered. World peace would almost seem like an impossible dream. I didn’t grow up in the World War eras, but of recent memory we have witnessed the terrible 9/11 and tyrants like the Gaddafis and the Husseins and now worse, ISIS. Killing in the name of god, is not new, but it gives those who sever heads, burn live victims, rape and pillage a sense of false righteousness, as well to salve their ruined consciences. Crazy. Tragic. Sad.
mom8yrsoldAs someone who saw the emotional scars and heard stories from my mother who lost both parents in World War 2, I cry out against the savagery of war! I pray that there will not have to another Hacksaw Ridge and  Normandy’s and Juno beaches, etc. I know I am just one unknown blogger with a few faithful readers, but oh, can’t we all speak out and reject the idea of violence as a legitimate way of shaping our world? And to all those wounded and rendered homeless without a hope by these ridiculous wars, lets be like Doss and pray…”One more, Lord, give us the courage to save one more!”

6 thoughts on “One more, Give me One More!

  1. hi pete, great blog and it reminded me of why I’m here : just ONE more !
    I’ve had a bad attitude toward my work situation and some individuals at work whom I’d advised management I wished not to be paired with them due the nature and urgency of work to turn an aircraft around for a return flight. They are just lazy and dangerous to be around when working and when I’m responsible for the aircraft I’d rather do myself.
    That night after reading the blog JUST ONE MORE I was paired again with this individual and I started to chat to him before the aircraft arrived. He confessed to me that I was the only person that he felt confident working with. He wanted to know why I was cheerful and calm at work when we face so much pressure. Well this is where the story gets interesting and I get to share the gospel and my story of divorce, depression and difficult situation with my girls.
    I get to tell him how I often cry before God and always look to HIM in all circumstances because i knew he had a plan for my life. God was my anchor in good times and bad. I never took my eyes from HIM.He know has an understanding of where I am and is interested in continuing the conversation.
    He then shares his breakdown and dependency on a prescription drug with some time in rehab.
    The next night at work I request to be paired with him to continue our storys. It was a great night and he is like a new man on a journey !
    We talk about church about support about friends.God is good even when I’m bad 😉 !!!
    To be continued. Bless ya. bb

    • Bill, this is an amazing testimony! Thanks so much for sharing. We may not be the rescuers of humanity… but we sure can help alleviate people’s stresses and worries just by listening and then if necessary, sharing our stories.

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