It Ain’t Over till the Movie is Over!

This week I received two emails that said, “We are dropping you as one of our partners.” It felt like this negative flow of computer screen ink was sinking through my eyes into my very soul. I wanted to appeal, beg for more understanding, but I knew it wouldn’t avail for much. Bad news from close or from afar can really cause a chain reaction of negativity to overtake one’s perspective. The brain responds by sending false signals convincing us that we need to find the nearest coffin warehouse and make an early reservation because its pretty much over!

How do we avoid making hasty departures both in moral and in the now when the negative occurs not just once, but twice? An answer might be to look at our lives as a movie, not as a single scene, or two. We call it seeing the ‘the big picture’. Every great movie worth watching has to have crisis scenes in it. There are the antagonists, the zombies, the evil destroyers that are about to bring an end to civilisation. There are the crucible time-to-choose moments that inspire the would-be hero to rise up or melt down. This is what makes for good films.

Yet all movies are made of single scenes. And your life is made up of blooper scenes, messed up lines, poorly played responses, mistakes, bad news; each challenging circumstance can be a reminder that this is just one scene and not the whole movie.  I had one of those moments today that made God’s promises look more like pretences. I’ll probably have similar versions of that again real soon. The show must go on and there’s another scene about to happen. With a creative (renewed) mind you can let your imagination (faith) loose and find a way to escape the negative zombies, find a new day and walk away feeling good again.

There’s just no other way to go about life, you have to reverse the negatives into positives. And remember, in every good movie there’s an awesome supporting cast that you can count on too. Let them back you up, take some hits, and encourage you. We are going to make it. So lets lose that negative outlook, shall we, and get ourselves a new one. Cuz’ the movie isn’t over until the credits are scrolled.


2 thoughts on “It Ain’t Over till the Movie is Over!

  1. Five stars buddy, there’s some nice writing. I agree with you 100%. Turning negatives into positives is a most wonderful idea. I’m trying to do that more in my life. Negativity leads you astray, takes your mind on travels you’d rather not go on. It’s bad for you mentally and physically.

    • Thanks so much! It’s easier said than done. But if your looking at your cup as ‘half full’, then tell yourself there’s room now for a refill! Positive thinking!

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