My Tribute to Baan Mai Sawaan (Heaven’s Hill)


I have watched a small country church bloom in a tough soil when many thought the flower would wilt and die.


Dancing on God’s Dance Floor!


Youth Leaders write a Goodbye on my shirt!

These days we seem to be doing the sacred ‘goodbye’ waltz with a lot of our wonderful relationships and networks, as well as the ‘slow dirge’ of cleaning out the storage rooms! Undoing our lives here in Bangkok (almost 23 years now) and preparing to restructure them in another continent is one whopper of an undertaking! Kind of feels like the old version of Star trek… we are somewhere in between ‘Beam me up, Scotty!‘ and ‘now let’s get to work’. Europe, Paris….who would have thought? Yet what an exciting opportunity to trust God and we know we will have marvelous future stories of redemption in unforeseen ways. It really feels like we are doing a sacred dance on God’s dance floor.

 Our biggest concern right now is for Amanda and Alycia’s schooling. Right now, they are in the application process for Black Forest Academy, near Badenweiler, Germany. The irony is that this school is in the same town where I went for recovery after my surgery. So the girls have seen this school, and actually drove by it several times while we were in Germany.  It’s a boarding school established for missionary kids. They offer a small subsidy for us and it is American curriculum. Boarding school was the girls’ idea since the enormous task of learning French this summer and then attending public high school in the French curriculum seemed so overwhelming. Who could blame them. Pas moi! The problem is that the residences are all full for the next school year. That means we will need to live near the school in Germany until rooms open up in the residences for BOTH girls.

 In the meantime, the ever-adapting-plan is to move temporarily to Germany in August. We just need a final approval from them and we buy tickets to fly the steel bird of the sky. Yes, so soon! This will help us settle the girls properly in the school. We’ll get acclimatized to Europe, buy a vehicle, brush up on our french, spend some time with our Thai Church in Stuttgart, etc. We also plan travel from Germany, making frequent trips into Paris to start building our network of connections from a distance. Ideally we would love to have the girls living in Paris with us, at an international school, but that option is just too expensive right now and we can’t justify raising funds for that expense. As soon as the girls get into a dorm, we will move to Paris and begin church planting.

We also have plans to do some more fund raising in Canada this fall. France needs the freedom that the Good News can bring, but it is not cheap living there! We have been encouraged to up our ability in fund raising. Oh that stress! And trust! Trust we must! And we’ll keep you posted over the next few weeks as we see the reassembling of our lives start taking shape for Europe. Thanks for reading this short note…and for asking God to guide our feet along this wonderful dance floor called “earth”….